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The Movie

Behind the Scenes

DAY 1: The Beginning

Shooting was supposed to begin at 7:00 PM on a Thursday night in July 2000. Jordan arrived on location 10 minutes, Josh 20 minutes late and Ryan 90 minutes late. Which doesn't make sense considering Ryan and Josh live in the same house. It turned out all right because Sean made them shoot until 11:30 PM, even though they all had work in the morning. The scene was finished the next week and all was forgiven.

Here are some pictures of all the days of production. Sean has included some "funny" captions to go along with the photos as well as some director's notes.


3 Jordan discusses his "motivation" with Sean. He would continue to do so throughout production.

Ryan - "Is that a shotgun mike, or are you happy to see me?



Jordan and Ryan go over their next scene. This time Jordan asks Ryan about his motivation.4

Sean - "For the last time. Jordan, you will be playing 'JORDAN' and Ryan, you will be playing 'RYAN.'"

3Jordan holds a smoking key light. We placed pantyhose over it to soften the light, but it kept catching fire. That's what happens when you can't afford to rent real lights.

"Maybe we shouldn't have placed the panty hose directly on the light bulb."

Sean and Jordan discuss strategies on how to create the digital movie. Jordan would not actually do any postproduction.4

Sean - "There's your problem right there."

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