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The Movie

Part A: Animating Lightsaber ignition

  • Note: All tutorials will be using Windows Digital AVI video at 720x480 resolution and 29.97 fps. All measurements are relative to that scale.

    [ Setup the Work Environment ]

    Select: FILE -> New Project (Alt + Ctrl + N)

    Select: COMPOSITON -> New Composition... (Ctrl + N)

    Use the settings above, making sure that the "Duration" is longer than the avi video that you plan to import. If you discover later that the Composition is shorter, then you can change this setting in: COMPOSITION -> Compostion Settings...(Ctrl + K). The above example is 5 seconds long.

    After you hit OK, the COMPOSITION window should appear along with the TIME LAYOUT window.

    Import Video

    Select: FILE -> Import -> Footage File...(Ctrl + i)

    Place Video in COMPOSITION

    In the PROJECT window, drag the footage file into the Comp 1 file.

    This will center the video directly onto the COMPOSITION.

  • Now you are ready for the next part >>>> Place Solids