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The Movie

DAY 2 : Trapped in the Closet

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3Sean discusses the closet shot with Ryan who doesn't get it.

Sean - "What I need for this next shot is a big, scary monster in your closet. You know. Like the ugliest thing you've ever seen."

Ryan - "Right. Hey, I think I know what we can do."

Ryan and Josh set up for the next shot. Josh continued to stare like that for five minutes.4

Ryan - "Yes. Yes. My little brother Josh will do quite nicely."

Josh - "What's going on? Where am I."

3Sean goes over the script with an enthralled Ryan. He would keep trying to sleep during production.


Sean - "And then it's the thrilling conclusion where..."

Ryan - "Yeah Sean, Tell me alllll about it."

Darth Maul - "I am tired of being typecasted as the Toy."

Sean - "Ah come on. You're doing a fantastic job. If you let us finish this last scene, I'll set you up with the Queen Amidala action figure."

Darth Maul - "No Deal."

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