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The Movie

DAY 5 : Can we go now?

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Sean and Josh begin a long day of shooting outside in Ryan's backyard on a Sunday afternoon.4

Sean - "No that's my line, Josh"


3Ryan patiently awaits to film Sean and Josh as they practice their lines.

Josh - "No it says 'JOSH' right ther..."

Sean strangles Josh in the "Strangling scene" as Ryan films attentively.4

Sean - "...I said that's my line!"

3Sean and Josh rehearse the Backyard scene.

Josh - "Oh my gosh. Jordan is not actually suppossed to use that toilet."

Sean - "I can't hold my breath for much longer."


"If we both pushed him really hard, do you think the fall would kill him?"

3Sean and Josh finish up the Backyard scene. After this shot, Ryan and Josh thought that they could go to the beach, but I reminded them that we still had a lot more shooting.

Ryan - "Get back! I'll do it! I swear!!"

Sean - "Ryan, don't do it. Put the camera down."

Josh - "Please Ryan! Just do what he says."

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