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The Movie

DAY 4 : What's up with Ryan?

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3Jordan jokes around, claiming that he can't look at Ryan when he does his "Evil" lines, so he holds his lightsaber to represent his eye line. Ryan and Sean laughed until they realized that Jordan was serious.

Jordan - "Here take it. I don't want it anyway. Kill Sean if you must. But don't hurt me, please"

Sean prepares to record a scene as Ryan badgers him to get on with it.4

"I know this thing has to have a record button."



3Sean explains the scene to Ryan who immediately forgets and makes up his own lines.

Ryan - "What do you mean I have to wear black underwear too?"

Sean and Ryan laugh about something funny that Josh doesn't understand.4

Josh - "So I get to be in the movie too, right?"

Sean & Ryan - "HA, HA ,HA, AHHAH, HA..."

3Sean prepares to film Ryan as Jordan tries to tell Sean what to do.

Jordan - "Hehee, while Ryan's not looking, I am going to poke him in the groin."

Ryan appears to question his motivation during one of his odd quiet spells. They would continue to get worse as the shooting went on.4

"You know I can't go when you're looking."

3Ryan's quiet spell progressed into a coma.


Ryan's frustration emerges in his acting performance.4

"Don't you dare try to poke me in the groin, again."

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